Flower Cart

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A flower cart with overflowing flowers is drawn on the fan surface of gold leaf, making it a very gorgeous item. It is large, wide, and powerful, and is a great gift for foreigners.

Design: flower wheel
Size (length): 36.5cm (width when unfolded: 62cm)
Item No.: SF0094

Characteristics of paper fans
・Three sheets of paper are laminated together, and fan ribs are inserted into the paper to create strength and durability.
・Because the bone is not exposed, it can be used on both the front and back. Some of them are hand-painted by the artist, so you can enjoy them as art.
・Since the air does not escape when you look up, the air volume is large and you can feel cool.
・Incense is attached to the tip of the core, and the faint Japanese scent is also one of its charms. (The scent will fade over time.)