Fans are a traditional craft that was born in Japan and has been passed down through the ages. Because it spreads out when opened, it is also called Suehiro, a lucky charm, and is increasingly being used as an occasional gift, in business situations, and in international exchange situations.

Manyo, a fan specialty store, receives orders from dancers and individual customers, as well as companies and organizations for personalized fans and custom-made original design fans, which are used as gifts and souvenirs.

Usage scene

・As a gift for a business partner ・As a souvenir from an overseas business trip ・As a novelty item for an event ・As a commemorative gift for the company's founding ・As a gift at an award ceremony

hand-painted name

We will write the recipient's name, company name, organization name, brand name, etc. in calligraphy on the rib or face of the fan.
At Manyo, skilled craftsmen hand-draw each letter with all their heart. The tasteful texture and luxurious feel, which is different from laser engraving, are popular with customers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind item.
You can choose the color of the letters according to the design of the fan and your preferences.

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Custom designed fan

We can also produce custom-made fans that incorporate your desired logo, mark, illustration, etc.
We strive to create unique fans that are full of originality and value traditional beauty, and are carefully finished.
We have received support from many companies and organizations and have used our products for souvenirs, gifts, novelties, events, commercials, etc. for major milestones.

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Production results

・Oriental Land Co., Ltd.
- Production of limited edition original fan for Tokyo Disneyland Parade

·Toyota Motor Corporation
- Production of peacock pattern fan for Alphard commercial

・Richemont Japan Co., Ltd.
- Production of limited original fan for Cartier exhibition

・Shinchosha Co., Ltd.
- Production of "Hana no Keiji" original fans for readers' prizes

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Production example

Companies (custom order products)

Companies (custom order products)

For organizations (founding commemorative gift)

For organizations (founding commemorative gift)

For organizations (founding commemorative gift)

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