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Interior recommendations

A decorative fan is a decorative fan with a gorgeous pattern. As an interior decoration for your store or home, it will brighten up your space.
Decorative fans are recommended as lucky charms for opening celebrations, housewarmings, baby showers, etc.

At Manyo, we also have the option of hand-painted names by craftsmen.


[In the interior of the store entrance]

Would you like to welcome your guests with a folding fan with a design that matches the season? It is easier to decorate than paintings, and brightly colored fans give a bright and gorgeous impression to the entrance, which can be said to be the face of the store.


[At the entrance of your home]

Fans with bright colors are popular among those who are interested in feng shui.
Folding fans are also valued as lucky charms. How about decorating a folding fan at the entrance, which is the entrance of luck?


[Wall hanging in the living room]

One of the popular points of decorative fans is that you can enjoy decorating them even in a small space. By sticking the fan stand on the wall with double-sided tape after pasting the masking tape, even those living in rental housing can easily enjoy the interior of the fan.


Manyo offers an optional service of custom-made hand-painted names. We also recommend using it as a gift that is a little different from others, such as opening celebrations with the opening date or store name, housewarming celebrations with your name, baby showers with your birth date or name. increase.

We also provide advice and suggestions on how to select a folding fan via chat. Please feel free to contact us.

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