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How to store and maintain folding fans

Fans are vulnerable to moisture and strong light, so it is important to store them away from hot and humid environments and direct sunlight.

Durability will vary greatly depending on how you care for it and how it is stored.

Don't put the fan directly in your bag, but carry it in a fan case or box. It gently protects your precious fan from friction, scratches, and dirt, and prevents deterioration and prolongs its life.

Fan cases are available for summer fans and dance fans ( for 1 , 2 , and 3 ). Please choose according to the folding fan.

[Storage method]
If you will not be using it for a while, fold the fan, attach the paper or rubber band that comes with it at the time of purchase, and store it in a paper or paulownia box. Store in a well-ventilated and damp place as much as possible.

If it gets dusty or dirty, gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

If the fan is damaged, or if it becomes uncomfortable to use due to the looseness of the key that holds the bottom of the fan, do not use it forcibly and ask for repairs and maintenance as soon as possible.

Manyo accepts the following repairs and alterations. We also repair folding fans purchased from other stores.

・Necessary replacement, adjustment of tightness (dance fan, some summer fans): ¥ 880/ piece
・Replacement of rib weight (dance fan): ¥550/ one place
・Fan bone and paper Glue repair (Maisen): ¥880/ one side
・ Thread sewing (Dance fan): ¥ 1,100 / one place
・Reverse folding of the fan (If the fan has not been used much yet, it can be repaired): ¥2,200/ one place
・Cracks in the vertical direction of the backbone: ¥550/ piece