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Types of fans and how to choose them

We will introduce the types of folding fans, their characteristics, and how to choose one. Please choose according to your usage scene and preference.

[summer fan]

A summer fan is a folding fan that you can look up at to cool off. The compact size makes it easy to use every day and can be used all year round. Fans with gorgeous paintings, embroidery, and delicate fretwork are also recommended as an interior decoration for your room.
There are paper fans that use Japanese paper for the fan surface, and silk fans that use fabrics such as silk. We always have a selection of folding fans with designs.
The folding fan itself is considered to be a lucky charm because it spreads at the end when unfolded, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones. At Manyo, we also accept hand-painted name engraving by craftsmen, which has been well received.

Characteristics of paper fans
・It is made by stacking 3 sheets of paper and pasting them together, and inserting a fan bone into them for strength and durability.
・Because the bone is not exposed, it can be used on both the front and back. Some of them are hand-painted by the artist, so you can enjoy them as art.
・Since the air does not escape when you look up, the air volume is large and you can feel cool.
・Incense is attached to the tip of the core, and the faint Japanese scent is also one of its charms. (The scent will fade over time.)

Features of silk fans・Silk, cotton, linen, and other fabrics are pasted on the fan surface, and you can enjoy the various expressions of the fabric, such as the texture, texture, woven pattern, and ground pattern.
・Things pasted with thin silk or cloth are transparent and cool to the eyes. The material and design make it easy to match with clothes, making it perfect for business and formal occasions.
・Those that use high-quality silk or traditional fabrics, or those that have gorgeous embroidery are more elegant and attractive, making them ideal gifts for loved ones.

Natsuogi is a compact size that can be held in your hand and used while looking up. The one for women is one size smaller than the one for men. Please choose according to your hand size and physique.

There are various colors, paintings, patterns and designs. You can enjoy using it as an accessory according to your mood and outfit, such as your favorite pattern, seasonal pattern, and auspicious motifs.

Bamboo is used for the frame of the folding fan, and Japanese paper, silk, cotton, polyester and other fabrics are mainly used for the fan surface. Some are made of bamboo. Let's choose based on the characteristics of the material.

There are a variety of items, from affordable items around 3000 yen to high-end hand-painted items. Please choose according to your purchase purpose and budget, such as everyday use and special gifts for loved ones.

[ decorative fan ]

A decorative fan is a fan that can be used as a decoration in the entrance, alcove, living room, etc. It is also recommended as a decoration for shops such as hotels and restaurants.
There are various designs such as seasonal flowers and landscapes, festive motifs, gorgeous types, and tasteful colors. I have.
Decorative fans with Japanese beauty drawn are very popular with foreigners and are recommended as gifts. Fans with names and birthdays hand-painted by craftsmen are popular as gifts for baby showers, longevity celebrations, and store opening celebrations.

At Manyo, we offer free interior consultations to help you choose the right size for the space you want to decorate and the folding fan that best suits your purpose. Please feel free to contact us.

There are various colors, paintings, patterns and designs. Choose a design that matches the season, your favorite motif, and the image of your room. It is also recommended to use good luck colors with reference to feng shui. The auspicious pattern is popular as a gift for longevity celebrations.

We have everything from compact sizes like summer fans to large, powerful sizes. Please choose according to the space you want to decorate.

[ Dance fan ]

Maisensu is a folding fan that is used for Japanese dance, new dance, general dance such as popular theater, festivals, etc. It can also be used as a decorative fan. Manyo original designs, gorgeous things that look great on stage, and a lot of things for lessons.
At our shop, we also accept orders for hand-painted fans with names by craftsmen and production of one-of-a-kind original design fans, which are perfect for gifts. The folding fan, which has been carefully finished down to the smallest detail and pursued ease of use on stage, is also very popular as a gift for actors.

Manyo's physical store in Asakusa stocks many items other than those listed on the online shop.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss how to choose a folding fan that matches each school, dance program, and desired image.

There are 9 sun and 5 minutes ( 29 cm ) for the general size , shaku (about 30.5 cm ) for men and those with taller heights , and 9 sun (about 27.5 cm ) for children . Use what fits your body type.

It is used for lessons, for dance such as Japanese dance, new dance and popular theater, and for festivals. Ornate patterns are also suitable for decoration. Please choose according to the purpose of use.

There are many gorgeous things that look great on stage, and there are various colors, patterns, and designs. Please choose according to the performance, the color of the costume, the role, etc. For classical dance, the colors and patterns to be used may be determined depending on the performance, so please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.