Fans are a traditional craft that was born in Japan and has been passed down through the ages.
Due to its wide-spread shape, it is also valued as a lucky charm, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones.
At Manyo, we offer wrapping and gift options that will further enhance your gift with Japanese elegance. Please use it according to the scene.

Japanese paper gift wrapping and wrapping

We offer wrapping services for customers who purchase products with a box, as well as customers who purchase a paid box, gift set, or fan stand along with the fan.
If you would like gift wrapping or Noshi wrapping, please select from the options (wrapping section) on the product page.

・Gift wrapping (+110 yen)
・Japanese paper wrapping + Noshi (+110 yen)
*It will be delivered via "Sotonoshi". Please write your name in the entry field.
*We will create the noshi based on the information you entered when placing your order. Please check that there are no mistakes in the title and name.

Summer fan gift options

Manyo original paper box (for summer fan) 165 yen

Gift set: Fan case (optional) + paper box 1,430 yen

Gift set: Fan case (optional) + luxury paulownia box 2,200 yen

Maisen gift box

Manyo original paper box (for dancing fan) 187 yen

Paulownia box (for dancing fan) 2,255 yen

fan stand

Black paint, small (for summer fan) 1,375 yen

Sesame bamboo medium (for dance fan/gift set with presentation box) 2,035 yen

Black paint, large (for dancing fan/gift set with presentation box) 4,235 yen