This is a paid option to engrave your name on the dancing fan or decorative fan.
You can freely order according to your needs. We create a design proposal and accept changes and modifications, so we recommend it to those who want to create a fan with a name engraved on it with great attention to detail.

*For full custom name engraving, we only accept text engraving. If you would like to add a crest, logo, illustration, etc., we will accept orders from Custom Design Fans .

・We do not accept orders with only a name engraved. Please order this when purchasing a folding fan.
・Once an order has been received, we cannot change, cancel, or return the product (folding fan), etc. Please check carefully.
・After receiving your order, we will create a design proposal and send it to you. (Up to 3 ideas in total)
*We will send you an email from Emails may not arrive correctly due to security settings or spam protection. In order to ensure that you receive the emails we send from our store, please unsubscribe from your spam email settings or set up your email settings to receive emails.
・We will ship within 10 business days after the design is decided.
*As it is hand-painted by craftsmen, it may vary depending on the time and situation of your order. In the unlikely event that it takes longer than the scheduled delivery date, we will contact you.
・We will send you an image once the name engraved fan is completed. You can check the finished product, so you don't have to worry about giving it as a gift.

Full custom name engraving How to order

1. Add dancing fan/decoration fan to cart

*We do not accept orders with only a name engraved. Be sure to select the fan you would like to have your name engraved on and add it to your cart.

2. [Optional] Select the following items for full order name engraving.

If you have any questions about how to order, please feel free to contact us using the information below.

Choosing a place to put your name

Please choose either one side (front) or both sides.

Selecting font size and number of characters

Please select your desired font size and number of characters from the 6 patterns from the font size dropdown.

Very small (up to 15 characters): 1,320 yen Small (approx. 2-4cm, up to 5 characters): 2,640 yen Medium (approx. 6-8cm, up to 3 characters): 7,920 yen Medium (approx. 6-8cm, up to 5 characters): 10,560 Large circle (approximately 9-12cm, 1 character): 3,960 yen Large (approximately 9-12cm, 2 characters): 7,920 yen

*The font size is approximate.
We will create the perfect balance by considering the pattern, design, and number of characters on the fan surface.

Enter name text

Please enter your desired name text.

[Type of characters] Kanji, hiragana, katakana, alphabet, numbers *Please make sure that the number of characters is within the limit for the selected font size.

Selection of font color

Please choose your desired font color from the 14 colors below.
[Text color] Gold, silver, black, red, white, blue, red violet, blue violet, green, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic red violet, metallic blue violet, metallic green

*Color can be specified starting from 1 character. If you would like multiple colors, please select the main color and fill in the details of your request in the notes section.
Example) Celebrating coming of age/Celebrating: metallic red, coming of age: gold

Select text direction

Please choose from A / B / C.

[A : Horizontal writing]

[B : Diagonal]

[C : Vertical writing]

Add characters

We accept text in up to 3 places per side. If you wish, please select Add Characters and select and enter each item.

*Since medium and large font sizes cannot be written together, please specify one location per side.


If you have any requests or reference information, please enter them.
・Specification of color for each letter, location of letters, and other requests ・Purpose of production, use scene, information on recipient if it is a gift, etc. (This will be used as a reference when creating the design)

Check the notes

Please check the following and check it.

-This is an option to fully customize the name on the fan, and does not include the fan itself. Please be sure to select the fan you would like to have your name engraved on from among decorative fans and dance fans, and add it to your cart.

・Depending on the size of the letters, the number of letters, the pattern and design of the fan surface, etc., it may not fit as requested. In that case, we will suggest the position and design of your name.

add to cart

Please check your selections and name text, then click the [Add to Cart] button to place your order.

*If you are purchasing multiple fans, please enter the product number of the fan you would like to have your name engraved in the notes section of the cart screen.

Flow from order to delivery

1. Order

Please check the ordering method above and purchase the [optional] full custom name engraving along with your favorite folding fan.

2. Production and proposal of initial design draft

We will create an initial design plan based on the pattern, design, color, number of characters, purpose, and other customer requests for the fan you have selected, and then send you an image.

3. Customer confirmation

Please check the design proposal and respond with approval or modification requests. (*The font size cannot be changed)

・We can change the text, name position, color, font, and design text according to your request. If you provide us with an image, we can also create it in your desired font and design.

・If you are not sure how to order, a craftsman who has been involved in the production of name-engraved folding fans for many years will ask you about the usage situation and desired image, make corrections, and re-propose.

4. Produce and propose revised design plans

We will produce up to 3 designs in total.

5.Customer approval, design decision

No changes can be made once the design has been decided. Please check carefully.

6. Start of production

7. Product completion and shipping

Once the design is decided, we will ship the item within 10 business days.

Production example

Contact us

Please contact us below for assistance in selecting a folding fan, consultation on engraving your name or custom design, or requesting a quote. Consultations are also available at our stores. Please feel free to contact us.

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