[One-of-a-kind] Fujin Bat Fan (RD0023)

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[One-of-a-kind/vintage items]
Bat fans were born in the Heian period, and used to be a general term for paper fans and paper-covered fans. It is said that the shape of the open fan resembles the wings of a bat. It has a beautiful form and is just the right size to be easily incorporated into your interior, allowing you to display it stylishly. This is a gold fan with a depiction of the god of wind. The gold has taken on a chic color over time, making this item a vintage item that you can enjoy.
*This product comes with a fan stand and box.

*Due to the length of this fan, it cannot be stored together in the fan holder box. The fan and fan stand will be sent in separate boxes. (The fan stand is a size that can be used without any problems)

Size (length): 41cm (width when unfolded: 45cm)
Material (fan surface): Bamboo, dyed bone Material (fan surface): Paper Product number: SF0139