Kasumi Sakura (1397S) [FOLDING FAN CASE INCLUDED in a high-grade paulownia box] ケース付

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Cherry blossoms are designed on the fan surface, fan bone, and charm. The fan surface is made of beautiful silk, and the cherry blossoms on the ribs are hand-painted, making it a masterpiece with attention to detail. The cherry blossom charm sparkles every time you look up at the elegant and gorgeous design. Comes with a folding fan case embroidered with matching cherry blossoms, and comes in a high-quality paulownia box with a fabric lining inside, making it an ideal gift. It is recommended not only to look up, but also to incorporate it into the interior as a decorative fan. It has been well received by people of all ages, and is perfect as a gift for people overseas.

Design: Sakura
Size (Length): 22cm
Item number: SF0073

Features of silk fans
・Silk, cotton, linen, and other fabrics are pasted on the fan surface, and you can enjoy the various expressions of the fabric, such as the texture, texture, woven pattern, and ground pattern.
・Things pasted with thin silk or cloth are transparent and cool to the eyes. The material and design make it easy to match with clothes, making it perfect for business and formal occasions.
・Those that use high-quality silk or traditional fabrics, or those that have gorgeous embroidery are more elegant and attractive, making them ideal gifts for loved ones.